Pulsehaler™ for COVID-19

Pulsehaler™ could have 3 significant impacts in the fight against COVID-19:
1. Treating COPD Patients Pre-Hospital

COPD patients have a 2.5x greater risk for becoming serious COVID-19 patients and requiring mechanical ventilation. Treating COPD patients at home or in a nursing home before they get infected, can improve their lungs so if they do get infected, it may reduce the risk of becoming a severe case. Pulsehaler™ has been clinically proven to re-open airways of COPD patients, decrease breathlessness, improve their exercise capacity, and Quality of Life.

2. Treating COVID-19 Moderate / Severe Patients Pre-ICU

New data from autopsy of COVID-19 patients in China as well as CT analysis shows that many serious and critical COVID-19 patients have a buildup of thick sticky mucus in their airways compounding all of the other physiologic responses. This and other factors like inflammation contribute to blocked airways.

Pulsehaler™ has been clinically proven to re-open airways of COPD patients. Mucus is a thixotropic fluid, which means its viscosity can be changed with vibration (similar to shaking a ketchup bottle). Pulsehaler™'s dynamic multi-frequency vibrations can lower mucus viscosity, making it easier to clear this mucus from the lungs. Pulsehaler™'s ability to re-open airways also restores proper functioning of the cilia (small hairs in the lung lining) responsible for moving mucus up, to where it can be coughed out. 

3. Treating Post-COVID-19 Patients 

In the aftermath of infection COVID-19, Pulsehaler™ can help recondition the lungs. Many patients continue to experience lung function issues and mucus once weaned off ventilators. Pulsehaler™ has been clinically proven to improve exercise capacity in COPD patients and improve mucus clearance,  and could do the same for recovering COVID-19 patients. 

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