Exercise Capacity and Quality of Life in GOLD II-IV COPD

We studied 22 COPD (GOLD II-IV) patients, in a cross-over controlled, double blind, randomized study with 2 weeks of treatment. Results demonstrated an unprecedented improvement of 6 minutes walk distance (62m), and significant improvement in FVC and IC lung functions, as well as significant improvement in Dyspnea and Mastery quality of life questionnaire scores. The results were published in COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  

6MWD results JCOPD.jpg
Drug Delivery with Pulsehaler™ 

We conducted a pilot crossover-controlled study of the effects of adding Pulsehaler™ technology to nebulised drug delivery in COPD patients. Drug deposition was measured by CT imaging using radio-labeled albuterol. The study showed that Pulsehaler™ significantly improves the penetration index (peripheral vs central distribution) while simultaneously improving the efficacy of the drug. The results were published in the journal Drug Delivery and Translational Research.

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